Health & Safety Inductions are the most important first impression you will get of any construction projects attitude towards your well being. A well-written induction provides you with all the information you will require when you first step into the project. I realise that we have all had to go through many Health & Safety Inductions as we move from project to project and that you may think they are a waste of time. You could not be more wrong, they are extremely important and should be taken seriously.

Generic Health & Safety Inductions

The danger with Health & Safety Inductions is that they can be very generic, by which I mean they can become repetitive and give you the impression there is nothing left to learn. This can become a dangerous attitude to adopt!

In today’s modern world there are now methods that can help bring the induction alive. The keyword here is “ENGAGEMENT” companies have to make the induction interesting and involve the inductee with questionnaires and interactivity. New technologies can help produce video`s that can be added to your presentation. Using video will greatly lift the interest and levels of education. There is a great company that has started using Drones and 360 cameras to produce walkthrough video presentations reflect the projects hazards and conditions. Ibrick Aerial is dedicated to producing engaging and educational walk through videos that will greatly increase the inductee’s awareness of the hazards and dangers that are associated with any construction project.

Ibrick Aerial

health and safety inductionsThis company uses the latest Drone technology to take a unique outlook on the layout and workings of any construction project. Ibrick Aerial brings together many technologies to produce Health & Safety Presentations that can produce videos that can highlight the layout and hazards of the projects. Detailed descriptions can be placed on the video that reflects the companies policy and procedures.


New technology will help engage the audience and encourage interaction and engagement.

The future has arrived in the Construction Industry

The guys at Ibrick Aerial can help produce the complete Health & Safety Induction presentation. A complete presentation can be produced, this will reflect your companies policies and help to ensure your operatives go home at the end of the day safely. 

The Induction Aims

It is your chance to learn the layout of the project and the procedures that are put in place to ensure your working day is free from hazards. A good induction should include many of the following…

  • Talk through the projects sites rules such as PPE requirements, smoking policy, people & plant interface, restrictions to the site. This is a great introduction to the project.
  • How to report accidents, dangerous occurrences and near miss incidents. 
  • To identify the  First Aider and the location of the First Aid station.
  • Explain the evacuation and emergency procedures for the site.
  • Explain the Muster Point location in case of an emergency.
  • Identify the management structure and the person who is your line manager.
  • Explain the requirements for using any plant or machinery.

Although the above is not a  definitive list of what should be included in your induction, it will help you realise the importance and give you the opportunity to help educate your workforce and make them aware of your zero harm approach to the most important subject of any construction project.