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brick and block

3D Brickwork visualisation has the great potential to offer  the ability to view their proposed project in the beautiful world of 3D. Being able to offer this service as part of your design process will help show your client that you are up to date with modern practices.

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Flemish Bond

The introduction of Flemish Bond in the 17th century introduced not just strength, but a great aesthetic look to buildings. This bond was more often used on private buildings.   Flemish Bond is were alternate bricks are placed as header and stretcher in every course.

cuts in wallIntroducing Cuts in Brickwork that are not  designed; is never a good thing. When we are talking about bonding of brickwork,  we are generally trying to make the perpendicular in the centre of the brick below.

Environmentally Friendly Brickwork

Using the words; Environmentally Friendly Brickwork may seem counter intuitive  and i will endeavor to explain. We as consumers are becoming increasingly aware about the manufacture of products used within the construction industry today. One of the biggest products.