Safety First

Safety is the most important subject you will ever learn, many people when they first get the thought to learn a new skill, rush out to get all the new tools and gadgets on the market… Please don`t forget Safety! it is the most important skill you will ever learn; SAFETY!!!

In relative terms, Personal protective equipment (PPE) is cheap when you think of the consequences of taking this subject lightly. One of the problems of learning a new skill is not being aware of the safety issues you may come across, so I will try to set out the basics.


Cutting corners on your tool budget may save you time and money, but it will result in poor results and most important of all will result in accidents. In the interests of DIY safety, I would always advise spending generously on the right tools. Don`t buy something that is so complicated you have to take risks when using it, always buy the right tool for the right job. Always read the instructions and safety guides that come with most tools, if they don’t, then ask a professional.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Eye protection must be used at all times.


A hard hat must be worn when there is any danger of falling materials.


Gloves must be worn when using either wet mortar or any type of hammer or abrasive wheel

General Safety points


Wear goggles

Wear gloves at all times

Check you aren’t wearing any dangling jewellery, loose clothing or ties

Ensure that your working area is well lit.

Make sure you have a clean and tidy work area.

Learn to lift heavy objects correctly

This article is just meant to be a quick guideline to Health & Safety at work. The Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 is a must-read and is available by clicking this link