How to use a masonry bench saw may seem an easy topic, but there are many occasions during your working day that you will have to cut brick`s, sometimes 100`s depending on your project. If you have a lot of bricks to cut that require them to be exact sizes, for instance when doing either Flemish Bond or English Bond, then you will need to cut a lot of Queen Closures that need to be the same size. Another instance maybe when you have to adjust the brick sizes at a window or door opening.

I would avoid the use of Disc Cutters or other hand held cutters as these have inherent health and Safety issues. A far better solution would be to contact your local hire centre and ask for a Masonary Saw Bench. These are very expensive to buy, so i would always hire one.






These type of cutters will come as either petrol or 110v electric variety, depending on your project and if you have a suitable power supply. These type of saws can be used to cut many stone based materials and will produce a very fine and consistent cut that will make your brickwork look alot more professional.

Brick saws work in the same way as a wood table saw, but are diamond tipped and much thicker and use water as a lubricant. The water supply is also of great use to keep down dust levels, they should not be used without the water supply as this will wear the blade down quicker and you will be charged extra for that.

Brick Saw Safety

• Safety Goggles should be worn at all times

• Safety Hat should be worn at all times

• A dust mask must be worn at all times

• Safety Boots should be worn at all times

• Ear Plugs should be worn at all times

• Table saw should always be used on a level surface

• The table saw should always be used out of the way of site traffic

These are just some guidelines and you should always refer to the Health & Safety instructions that will come with the cutter. If you have never used one of these cutters before then you should get training from a qualified professional. This type of cutter is inherently dangerous,  as are all abrasive wheel cutters, i cannot emphasise enough the need for professional training.