How do i plan my Building project?

Are you able to achieve this project – Am I confident and capable of carrying out the task?

Give it alot of thought and be honest.

Planning of all building projects needs time and thought, no matter if it is professional or DIY. You must feel capable of achieving results that will give you a sense of achievement and not a sense you should have taken more time and thought. Effort at this stage will be of great benefit and your results will look amazing.

First thing you need to do is the planning of your project, for the sake of this article lets say you are planning on building an outdoor BBQ, on the face of it an easy project, but many things come into play that you have to consider before you can even contemplate starting. Make a list of materials and tools you will need, such as brick type, sand colour, shape and if you may require extra shelving or even lights, all these things will need alot of thought and planning. Dont just go to the first builders merchants you find. Often when building a small project you maybe able to get a reduced price on the bricks by choosing a brick that has low stock levels and you may get a bargain.

Would you think a brick used on a BBQ will be exposed to very high heats, especially near the heat source, these bricks may have to be a special fire brick, i have seen BBQ`s built with normal house bricks and literally blow apart by the heat, just give it some thought or maybe ask a family member who has experience and can pass on some tips.

Once you have your design down on paper you will be able to work out a budget, like all constructions projects, money can run away, please dont get carried away trying to do more than you can achieve, i have seen very small projects go over the top and end up looking a mess and never get finished. Keep within your comfort zone.

So please make sure you get out the paper and pen and start doing some designs, quite often if you take this design with you to your local builders merchants they can give you some help and advice on materials you should use, also the right tools and safety advice. Please dont forget the safety aspects of any projects.